Friday, April 10, 2015

Reiq Sketchbook + Prints

Hi Dear Patreons!

This is a special page where you can obtain my first book REIQ Sketchbook 01 Sexy Drawings and Doodles, I worked hard the last two months to get the sketchbook ready for this year many conventions I'll be attending , 62 Pages filled with great drawings and Sketches. This first run is limited to only 500 books. however since they are supporters of my work that can't go to conventions to get the sketchbooks I decided to sell a portions of the books here for you my dear Patreons!

Mini Prints Sets

These two amazing sets of high quality mini prints are on sale during the conventions but I'll make them available for you guys here as well. buy them both and get the whole collection of  mini prints in total!

All Sketchbooks will be signed, if you want the mini prints to be signed please add a commentary on the description while checking out on paypal.

Sketchbook sets


A flat rate of 10$ for shipping and handling only available to the United States (No International Orders I can't handle those right now) with an estimated time of 2 to 4 weeks to deliver the sketchbooks, however I'll try to send them as soon as I get the orders, just spare me some time as Im doing this myself.

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! and I hope you like the sketchbook!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

REIQ Featured in the Advanced Photoshop Magazine 123

Finally out! The latest Advanced Photoshop Magazine 123 featuring my how to paint Anime tutorials, plus I made it to the cover, Really happy with the final result of the artwork and magazine, this tutorial will be only available in the magazine so you better get your copy soon!  you can purchase this number here

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reiq gallery exposition in Japan!

レイナルド キンテロ :  南米ベネズエラ 出身のイラストレーター。


特に美術解剖学と人物画に強い興味を持ち L.A , イタリア,ロンドンで美術学校に行き、多くの事を学びました。そんな男が日本で個展を開きます。




神戸市中央区小野柄通7丁目1-5 マキビル3階各線三宮駅下車。三宮そごうとロフトの間の道を東へ徒歩1分。赤いレンガのビルの3階が会場になります。

REIQ さんの作品はこのサイトで見れます!