Friday, April 6, 2012

Dynamic Sketching Final Compilation of Sketches

Final compilation of sketches from 10 weeks of classes with the great Peter hHan and his Dynamic Sketching (Vis Com) class, had a lot of fun visiting all the museums and places, I've learn so much from this class and I'll definitely recommended to anyone, you get to draw different stuff you wouldn't do normally, it feels is great! hope you like the selected artwork!

you can check more of this class and other classes at the Concept design academy in Pasadena

Mechanical and man made sketches

Organic Shapes and forms

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  1. I can't believe that noone commented it yet. The sketches are amazing, and you are progressing a lot since you are at Gnomon university : ) I also noticed that you are setting up many different accounts and sites lately, that makes me really happy, because for a moment I was afraid that you are going to stop sharing your art as much as you used to before, and that would be a great lose ; ) Anyway, sorry for bad english, keep on doing your awesome stuff, can't wait for more! : )