Thursday, March 14, 2013



  1. REIQ,

    You are going to do so very well; when you're working / creating at my Iron Hornet Studios..!!! I can see you growing by leaps -n- bounds; when we get you enmeshed into the awesome animation productions that my studio is going to create!!

    Keep on drawing my friend...the best is yet to come..!!!

    I'll be speaking with you this coming May (2013) to fill you in on all the details and such about the studio(s) and your role at the studio. But just to wet your whistle, Reiq; there will be 2 actual studios on the New York state's Adirondacks site, I've picked out. One as you know will be the animation and movie's CGI special effects production studio - the other studio will be a live-action movie production facility. Both studios will benefit from your great talents. I think I mentioned the 2 studios to you, last time we talked.

    But what you don't know is that there's going to also be a third studio built on the neighboring site. This 3rd studio will produce custom ordered glass sculptures, for worldwide clients. So not only could your conceptual creative skills be employed for the sculpture's designs, but you could also try your creative hands at doing your own sculptures at this particular studio too.

    Which means you'd not only work at the animation studio as a full-time employee; but you'd also have the option of freelancing at both of the other 2 studios too. Not a bad way to pick up extra money ether, I think.

    Well I've wet your whistle enough for now, Reiq. Just keep developing your already great abilities; and I'll be in touch soon. You can contact me over Skype too anytime you wish; be more than happy to talk shop with you.

    ~John "wolvercat" Meyers
    Iron Hornet Studios

    1. I can't wait how the studios develop and grow I can't wait to see it for sure good luck with everything and let me know when you get any news!

  2. This is the actual animation drawing that I've ever seen! Keep it up! Can't wait to see your animated movie in the future.

  3. Just thought you might like to know there's a game using your artwork, possibly without your permission?